About Robert A. Kominar M.A., LL.B., Ph.D.(cand.), C.Med., Cert. C.F.M.

Robert is currently an Arbitrator at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario as well as a sessional Professor in Wilfrid Laurier University's departments of Leadership and Contemporary Studies. He has taught in The Master's Degree Program in Conflict Analysis and Management at Royal Roads University, Victoria ,BC, the largest graduate conflict resolution program in Canada, as well as in Royal Roads' Master's Degree Program in Organizational Leadership and Training. Prior to Royal Roads, he held a tenured professorship in an Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Program at Laurentian University. He is completing his doctoral dissertation in Philosophy of Law in the field of Conflict Resolution at the University of Western Ontario.

Robert has been instrumental in bringing conflict resolution training and education to Ontario and has served as academic coordinator and lecturer in the York Program in Dispute Resolution, which has been offered in five Ontario universities.

Prior to his academic career and doctoral studies Robert practised law for over a decade, specializing in family, civil and criminal litigation.

Robert's credentials include being recognized as a Certified Comprehensive Family Mediator (Cert. C.F.M.) by Family Mediation Canada as well as a mediator assessor. He also holds a Chartered Mediator (C. Med.) designation granted by the Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution. He is also a certified online mediator of eBay auction disputes.

Robert carries on his dispute resolution practice from Hamilton, Ontario and offers services throughout Ontario. His main areas of professional interest are in family and interpersonal conflict resolution, settlement of ongoing civil litigation, organizational conflict management.

Robert has served and continues to serve on the boards and committees of the largest professional associations for conflict resolution in Canada and presents regularly at local and international conferences and workshops.

December 13, 2006

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